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November 27, 2005

Ritual Abuse of UK Marines

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NW 11/27/05 Ritual Abuse of UK Marine

(Poster's Note: If you can't tell, the News of the World is
a 'rag'. However, if this is true, it might explains
Bloody Sunday and many other outrages. Jay)


Ritual Abuse Of Our Marines

By Lewis Panther

EXCLUSIVE: Thug NCO orders men to strip off and fight.then
KICKS one unconscious. News of the World investigates

THE News of the World exposes the bullying culture of
Britain's elite armed forces with a secret video
documenting a sickening catalogue of abuse.

A young Royal Marine is FORCED into a barbaric naked fight
with another recruit and then KICKED unconscious by a
superior in a brutal booze-fuelled initiation ceremony.

And the shocking ritual—covertly filmed by a commando—is
alleged to be one of many imposed on recruits.


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Now the film is being investigated by Ministry of Defence
top brass who have confirmed it is genuine.

Our source claims the culprit holds senior rank. The
Marines would not confirm his position but an MoD source
said: "He's not an officer but he is an NCO."

They identified the 42 Commando marine—dressed in a blue
surgeon's outfit—who carried out the attack and he is being

But our whistleblower reveals the beating that could have
KILLED the young recruit in this video is one of many
chilling secret initiation ordeals he has witnessed as a

A veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, he said: "This is the
worst thing I've seen happen—that's why I filmed it—but
it's the tip of an iceberg.


"The guy laid out was inches away from being dead. Stuff
like this goes on all the time—but when drink becomes
involved it gets worse."

The whistleblower went on to reveal how marine recruits

TORTURED with shocks through electrodes attached to their

FORCED to crawl naked through thorn bushes

ORDERED to jump out of bedroom windows, even though some
broke their legs, and URGED to fight each other with one
hand tied behind their backs.

"The top boys in the Royal Marines know this all goes on
but they turn a blind eye to it," said our marine.

The violent initiation ceremony he filmed took place in May
at Bickleigh Barracks, near Plymouth, home to the elite 42

"They call them Joining Runs—or Sprog Olympics—because
sprog is slang for baby and these were new recruits," said
the marine.

"12 of them were taken to a barbecue on the top field with
about 40 other marines watching.

"Their superior was getting them to do stranger and
stranger things, while getting them p***** and picking on
any who didn't do what he wanted.

"He was getting more and more menacing, swearing and
threatening. He ordered them to take their clothes off and
run round the field giving each other naked piggy backs.

"Then the fighting started. The bloke disappeared and came
back with the surgeon's outfit, mask and cap on and things
really turned nasty when he ordered them to start laying
into each other. You can see it on their faces in the film
that they're scared."

Naked fellow marines surrounding them can be heard baying
for blood as the man in the surgeon's outfit and another in
a St Trinian's uniform, complete with wig and short skirt,
supervise the cruel contest.

First the hapless pair have rubber mats strapped to their
arms and start slugging away.

Then they are told to remove their mats and square up with
bare fists before being ordered on to their knees to

Then the 'surgeon' lashes out and hits him in the head with
a martial arts kick practised by marines as part of their
unarmed combat techniques.

"He used his shin which is what you're taught to do in kick
boxing. Your shin is as hard as a baseball bat," said our


"He could have killed the guy. If that kick caught him on
the temple, that would have been it. Lights out for good.

The guy on the floor was unconscious for a couple of
minutes—and was sick when he came round. He had to be
helped away. His boss just stood there with a can of
wifebeater (the marines' name for Stella Artois lager)
while the guy was out cold, goading the others to have a go
at him if they dared. But we knew we couldn't."

This attack was hushed up. But there are many other ordeals
awaiting new recruits, said our marine.

"I've seen new recruits have electronic pads from massage
machines attached to their testicles and heads," he said.

"I've known of recruits who have broken their legs jumping
out of windows. I had to jump out of a window into a thorn
bush. I've seen others thrown naked into thorn bushes and
have to crawl through them. Recruits are also made to fight
each other with a giant boxing glove on one hand and the
other tied behind their back."

After seeing the video, a Ministry of Defence spokesman
said: "The Royal Marines take these allegations extremely
seriously. The Service Police have launched an

The men dressed as a surgeon and a St Trinian's schoolgirl
are being disciplined and new orders have been issued
banning 'Joining Runs'—and threatening to prosecute anyone
who takes part.

"Marines need to be tough and training should be tough. You
don't want wimps," said our source.

"But what happened on the film doesn't help anyone."

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