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November 12, 2004

News 11/12/04 - Irish Aires Fund Raising Update

(Poster's Note: Next Saturday night (Nov 13th), we will be on the air
from 7PM to 8PM, rather than our usual 6:30- 7:30 timeslot.)

Last week we had eleven people contribute (4 of them had never
contributed before) & we went over our goal for both money & new
members.  Help us do the same again this week!!

Last week ALL contributors were put on the guest list for two
entries to the Celtic Christmas Celebration on Dec 19th (see
below for details).  Contributors this week will get that same reward!

Irish Aires is a radio show on a community, non-commercial radio
station (KPFT 90.1FM in Houston & 89.5FM in Galveston).

Our station is live on the Internet at:

Or hear Irish Aires archived shows at:

The radio station does not accept any money from advertisers or
corporate sponsors.  We receive less than 20% of our annual budget
from grants.  The vast majority of their funding comes from small,
individual contributions.

Our listeners/members/contributors represent a wide variety of
views.  Our programs do the same.

As you know, Irish Aires is on the air one hour per week (6:30-
7:30PM on Saturdays).  During that time, we play Irish/Celtic
music, present news from Ireland, cover events in the local area
and give a forum for Irish & Irish Americans to present their

In addition to our hour on the air, we produce at least twice daily
news updates about Ireland.  We send emails to keep our local
community updated on current events in the regional area.

Pete & I are volunteers (as are most of the presenters on KPFT).

However, the station still needs financial support.  We are on the
air 8,760 hours per year (24 hours-a-day / 365 days a year).  Our
out-of-pocket expenses are about $125 per hour on the air.  That
comes to $1,095,000 per year.

We need your support to pay for these expenses.  Our chance to
raise funds on November 6th & 13th.

If you can, please call the station or return this email to me to
contribute money to KPFT in the name of Irish Aires.  We want to
show the station that the Irish communities in Houston and on the
web value our show.

Your contribution need not be large.  Give what you can afford.
Numbers of supporters show the station that we have popular
support.  Our money goal will be made if we get 30 people to call
up or email us their pledge their support for KPFT.

We have some thank you gifts for contributions.

ALL members will be put on the guest list for the Celtic Christmas
celebrations at the Meridian (see above for details).

If you can contribute at the $60 level you will get one of the
following CDs. If you can contribute at the $90 level, you will
get two of the following.  (Availability of individual CDs is
limited, so it is first come, first serve).

CD Title                Artist
--------------------    --------------------- --------

A Million Steady Hands  Clan Ceili
In the Rare Ould Times  Clan Ceili

Luck of the Irish       Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem

Greatest Irish Hits     Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem

Irish Songs of Rebellion  Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem

Irish Rebel Songs

My Favorite Irish Songs Bing Crosby

Chasing Moonlight       Finbar Furey

Live in Glenfarg        Jim Malcolm (vocalist for "Old Blind Dogs")

Common Ground           Various (Paul Brady, Andy Irvine, Sinead
                        O'Connor, Sharon Shannon & More)

Faith of Our Fathers    Various (Frank Patterson, Irish
                        Philharmonic Orchestra & Chorus, & More)

Evelyn (from the Movie) Various (Van Morrison, Sissel, Pierce
                        Brosnan & More)

Irish Heartbeat         Van Morrison & The Chieftains

Further Down the Old Plank Road  The Chieftains with
           Chet Atkins, Carlene Carter, Rosanne Cash, Joe Ely, Emmy Lou
           Harris, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, John Prine, Ricky Skaggs,
           Doc Watson

The Elders Live         The Elders

12/19/04 - A Celtic Christmas Festival @ The Meridian - The
popular blend of traditional and alternative Celtic music
and dance with craft vendors, traditional food & drink.

:: Beth Patterson: World-renowned bazouki player from New Orleans
melding trad. Celtic with World Music

:: The Trinity River Whalers: Members of the Blarney Brothers

:: The Flying Fish Sailors: Ren-Fest favorites mixing trad. Celtic
with comic original songs

:: Godfrey's Rangers: Houston's longest running Celtic group

:: The McTeggart Irish Dancers: The lively Irish step dancing made
famous in "Riverdance"

:: The Battle of the Oak King & The Holly King: Re-enactment of the
ancient Celtic mythological struggle between Winter & Summer

At whatever level you can support us, please do.

Jay & Pete


Jay Dooling ( )
Irish Aires
419 Lovett Boulevard
Houston, TX 77006

Date (mm-dd-yy):    _____________________

First Name: __________________________

Last Name: __________________________

Street Address & Apt.# _______________________________

City, State & Zip: _______________________________

Telephone Area Code & Number: ________________________

Your E-mail address: _________________________________

Your favorite show(s): _______________________________

Donation Level (X one):

35.00 Basic Membership      _____

60.00                       _____

90.00                       _____

120.00                      _____

150.00                      _____

500.00 Leadership Circle    _____

Other (Amount)              _____

See below for sustainer memberships info


Amount of Contribution:

Amount from above        $_________

Other Amount             $_________

Total Amount of Pledge:  $ ________

Thank you gift(s) that you want: ___________________________


(Note: Thank you gifts for CREDIT CARD or sustainer contributions.)

Is this: The first time you've pledged to us? ______
         A renewal? ______

Enter your American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover number
below or leave blank to be billed at the above address.

(X one of the following):

VISA             ___,
MasterCard       ___,
DISCOVER         ___

Card # (DO include dashes): ________________________________

Expiration date (mm-yy): ________________

Do you want to be a sustainer member? _______

How much per month can we charge to your credit card?   $________

May we thank you on the air? Yes ___
                             No  ___

Would you like to receive this month's catalogue of special
offerings from the Pacifica Radio Archives?
                                    Yes _____
                                    No  _____

Thank you for your generosity. Your contribution will go to make
okay radio even better!

Pete Little & Jay Dooling

Pacifica's Mission

* To promote cultural diversity and pluralistic community

* To contribute to a lasting understanding between individuals of
all nations, races, creeds and colors.

* To promote freedom of the press and serve as a forum for various

* To maintain an independent funding base.

Jay Dooling (
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