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October 25, 2004

News 10/25/04 - Groups Urge US To Free Ferry


Monday, October 25, 2004

For Immediate Release -

DENVER, CO - Ciaran Ferry will appear before Judge Nottingham
regarding his Petition for Habeas Corpus on Thursday, October 28
at 10 a.m. in Denver District Court.

It has been over 630 days since Ciaran Ferry was arrested and
confined to a jail cell in America without charge. He is
currently being held in Jefferson County Jail in Golden,
Colorado. Previously, he endured 9 months of solitary
confinement at Denver County Jail before being moved to a general
population wing.

His American 3-year old daughter Fiona and his wife, Heaven have
been living without Ciaran for what seems to be a lifetime. This
case has caused extreme emotional and financial hardship for
Ciaran's families both in the United States and in Ireland.

His legal team and many organizations are now considering his
detention unlawful and violating constitutional laws.

This case has received wide media attention not only in Denver
but across the United States, in Ireland and in other countries.
In fact this month, President George W. Bush and Senator John
Kerry mentioned Ciaran Ferry and the Irish deportee issue in the
widely circulated IRISH AMERICA Magazine in debating Irish Issues
for the US Presidential Election.

Ciaran Ferry was also featured in the Washington Post recently.

A dozen United States Congressional Representatives issued a
letter to immigration officials asking for Ciaran's release
before last Christmas.

Numerous Irish American organizations have issued statements in
support of Ciaran Ferry and his family in their efforts to
release Ciaran from incarceration and further detention. Some of
them are, the Irish American Unity Conference, Ancient Order of
Hibernians, Irish Deportees of America Committee, Americans for a
New Irish Agenda, Irish Heritage Group, Brehon Law Society, Irish
National Caucus, Irish American Democrats, Irish Northern Aid,
Irish-American Labor Coalition, Wild Geese Today, Lawyers
Alliance for Justice, American Committee for Ulster Justice and
Global Exchange. In Ireland, the Pat Finucane Centre, Father Des
Wilson, Father Aidan Troy and Gerry Adams - President of Sinn
Fein, a political party in Ireland have supported this campaign.

This case is of the utmost importance and will indicate to
Americans and the Irish how our US Government plans to treat
Irish immigrants, the peace process that was brokered by the
United States between Britain and Ireland, and human rights
supporters in the future.

We would like to thank everyone who has showed their continued
support for Ciaran and his family during this very difficult

Several government officials have gone beyond the call of duty in
helping with this case and deserve our gratitude especially,
Congressman Bob Beauprez's office in Colorado, Sean Murphy -
Chief of Staff to Congressman Beauprez, Donal Denham - Consul
General of Ireland, Congressman Peter King, Adam Paulson,
Congressman Eliot Engel, Jason Steinbaum, Congressman James
Walsh, Kristin Calabrese and over a dozen United States Congress
people and Senators.

Representatives Steven Rothman, John Sweeney, Joe Crowley, Frank
Pallone, Carolyn McCarthy, Richard Neal, Ed Towns, Carolyn
Maloney, Gary Ackerman, Anthony Weiner and the many many more who
pledged their support if another letter or vote is needed in the

We ask that the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(BICE), formerly the INS, and the U.S. District Court for the
State of Colorado release Ciaran Ferry to live in the United
States in peace with his family.

Ciaran is not a threat to anyone, especially to the United
States. Irish immigrants have a long history and tradition of
helping to build America into the nation that it is today. The
Good Friday Agreement stands strong towards peace in Ireland and
Ciaran's commitment to that agreement and to the pledge to live
in peace with his family is steadfast.

We will continue to highlight the injustices of this case until
this family is reunited to live together in peace in the United


For further information or to send much needed donations:

Irish Deportees of America Committee
P.O. Box 914
Farmington, MI 48332

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