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October 19, 2004

News 10/19/04 - Newshound Alert!

From: VanDeMortel, Daniel C.

Subject: Please help save Newshound -


I am writing to alert you to a situation that needs to be

immediately attended to.  I am indebted, as I'm sure you and others

are at the IAUC, to the unparalled Northern Ireland-related

research source, Newshound, at  This site, run by

John Fay in Ireland, impartially and thoroughly tracks worldwide

coverage of Northern Ireland on a daily basis, organizing it in a

way that is chronological and easy to navigate.  Mr. Fay has

maintained this site since 1996 due to his interest in tracking the

ongoing peace process, and his desire to share that information

with others. It is, without a doubt, the Internet source for anyone

with an interest in Northern Ireland current events.


Unfortunately, due to financial considerations, Mr. Fay is faced

with the imminent possibility of having to shut down the site

unless he can find a way to make it financially viable.  I know

from conversations with many leaders, non-governmental

organizations, activists, and citizens on both sides of the

Atlantic that many people rely daily upon Mr. Fay's hard work. I am

writing today to encourage you, and anyone you know with an

interest in Irish affairs, to visit the site immediately and to

please contribute as much as possible to ensure that Newshound will

stay up and running in the months and years to come.


To that end, could you forward this email on to other political

contacts on your list?  Could the IAUC take some action in this

regard or mention this matter on the IAUC web site?  If you have

any other ideas of what could be done to help save Newshound,

please let me know.


Best regards,


Dan VanDeMortel


Northern Ireland Alert (publisher of Northern Ireland Congressional

Scorecards, and related reports)


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